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Williams Bible Club
for the Disabled

In March of 2018 we answered the door to our home to a father from our church. He explained that his son William had just passed away the day before. William was in the village visiting his mother and was not able to get medical care in time for him to fight his disease. William was autistic and had faithfully attended our church for years. He did not understand much of our children's program, but loved participating. Our hearts were broken to lose him.

Thus, our burden began to grow to reach others just like William. Not just the children and adults, but to reach their families. Many here in Ivory Coast have no money to help their child progress and many of these children are misunderstood. We desire to show them Christ loves them and they are important and loved by our church family.

We now have Williams Club every Sunday morning , named after William. We are a very small group for now, but we are praying for more. The Lord has blessed us with workers with a huge heart and willingness to love on these dear children. Pray for us that God uses this as a tool for His glory.

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