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Bingerville Church

In January of 2000 the Mach family moved from Anyama to Bingerville to begin a new work. A Bible study started in the downstairs of their home which continually grew.


By June the church was meeting faithfully, and people were being saved regularly.  Within two years, there were over 100 people meeting every Sunday, and we began looking for land.


The Lord gave us land right in the middle of town where the church continues to grow numerically and spiritually. In addition to Sunday school for all ages, choir, and evangelism, this church has caught the burden to reach out to its community.


Sports centers work to reach the youth. A literacy center is actively teaching 300 people (mostly Muslim) four nights a week to read and write while giving them the Gospel.  


As well the Bingerville church reaches out into the village with a medical ministry, and many of our members help serve one on one during our medical days. 

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