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Bible College & Seminary

In December 2016, we opened the Fundamental Baptist Bible Institute and Seminary in an effort to enhance and expand the ministerial training opportunities within the country. The Institute is the four-year undergraduate program that leads to a Bachelor of Arts in pastoral or missionary studies.

We currently have 25 students at this level that we are training consistently through one week (35 hours) modular classes. Practically all the professors who have come have their doctorate as well as years of ministerial experience.


We are finishing construction on our Bible Institute and Seminary building that is complete with six classrooms, dormitories with restroom facilities, offices, and library with computer lab.

Upon completion of our institute, we expect that our students continue into the graduate program to increase their capabilities.

The Ivory Coast is so rife with spiritual confusion and false doctrine that graduate work is necessary to entirely equip our pastors and missionaries for what they are going to experience in the field.

We currently offer a Master of Arts in pastoral studies and hope to eventually offer a Masters in Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry.

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