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Literacy Center

In the year 2000, just a few months after opening our church, Bob challenged the men in our church to consider those we had not reached. 

Within a few weeks Sery Jules came to see Bob and presented his idea of a literacy center.


Bob was very hesitant at first, but Sery explained if we had our own center we could reach the Muslims in our area. Most of them do not read and write in French, yet need this to live and work here in the Ivory Coast. If we were running the center we would be able to teach and preach the gospel every day.


He went on to say we could have awards ceremonies and require the student to come to our services to receive them. As well, graduations could be a part of our Sunday morning worship hours and all the families would be present.

We opened this center in 2001, and the Lord has seen for to bless this ministry. We now have close to 300 students and many have been saved over the years. As well, there are now members in our church who can read the Bible for themselves and are growing. 

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